Review: Break and Enter

Book Review: Break and Enter, by Lori Matthews, 5 stars

Meet Alexandra Buchannan – the woman who uses her talents as a professional criminal to equalize the scales of what she likes to call, romantic justice.

She’s the woman many of us wish we had on speed dial, at least at some point in our lives…

Your ex still has your favorite painting? He kept the bracelet he bought you for your 5th anniversary? They won’t be his for long.

But Alex’s latest job is her biggest challenge yet.

Her target just hired a new security company, and the team’s leader is as smart as he is sexy.

Mitch Callahan pushed his brothers to expand the family business into private security, and their first major client is a complete pain in the ass.

It’s no wonder the man has a target on his back, but nothing could prepare Mitch for how seductive his adversary is.

Mitch knows his ass is on the line, and he could drag Callahan Security down with him, but everything gets much more complicated as he begins to find Alex increasingly irresistible.

But their game of cat and mouse quickly explodes into a million pieces as another player enters the game -- with intentions that are far deadlier.

Genre: romantic suspense

Publication date: February 2020

Mature content: yes

Review: Break and Enter is book one in the Callahan Security series by Lori Matthews, and I loved it. It's sort of a modern version of the classical movie To Catch a Thieve and it really flows just a like a movie. Both characters are great - alone and together - though my favorite in this case is Alex, Asset Specialist Retriever Extraordinaire.  

The game of cat and mouse Alex and Mitch play is the best part of the book, though the suspense and the romance are up to par too.  

The end threw me off a bit because, although it's not exactly a cliffhanger, it hints at a much bigger conspiracy than just Alex's initial job of stealing retrieving a car and delivering it to its rightful owner. Though I'm still on the fence about Mitch's two older brothers, Logan and Gage, I confess I'm totally curious about the next two books in the series.  

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