Review: It Started One Christmas

Review: It Started One Christmas, by Susan Mallery, 4 stars


One crisp December night, Keira Carlesso takes in yet another stray—this time, a man. Dalton is a brilliant scientist with no home for the holidays. As Christmas works its magic, two strangers become friends, then best friends, then something much, much more…

Genre: contemporary romance

Publication date: November 2018

Mature content: no

Review: It Started one Christmas is a short friends-to-lovers story with a holidays undertone. Keira and Dalton meet a few days before Christmas in her freshman year of college, and from that moment on they start a tradition of spending the holidays together at Keira's family home every single year. Some years they will bring dates, others they will be single, but their friendship always stays strong. Right until the moment they realize that the reason they could never get their other relationships to work was because they'd been in love with each other right from the beginning.

Even though it is a very short story - you'll go through it in one sitting - I found the main characters fairly well developed. Then there's an array of secondary characters and those got me a bit confused sometimes, but overall, even though the plot spans several years, It Started One Christmas is very pleasant and perfect for a quick holidays read.

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