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Who am I?

I'm Teresa, a 41 year old mother of two. When I'm not working or crafting, you can find me in a quiet corner (or not so quiet) reading. I read in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, though English is my favorite, at least right now. English is not my first language, though, so bear with me in case you find any grammatical errors around here.

What is The Book Worm?
The Book Worm blog was created just for me, to share what I have read, what I'm reading and my reading wish list.
Books have been a constant in my life since even before I learned to read. I truly believe reading helps you see the world with different eyes and teaches you valuable lessons you would not learn otherwise.
Whenever I finish reading a book I always have something to say about it, and I wanted to have a place where I could collect my thoughts and eventually share them with others.

What can you expect when you visit?
Hopefully, I will be able to convey my passion for the written word. 
And you can also expect honesty. All opinions expressed here are mine alone and truly reflect my views on the subject. I will tell you what I liked, what I didn't like, and why.

All books reviewed have been purchased by me unless clearly stated otherwise and I have read them from start to finish. I do not skim books or read them on the go for the sake of publishing reviews, though in some cases I may have read them a while ago. 
If you've written a book and want me to review it, I'll do it gladly, unless I realize it's about a subject on which I may not be able to give an unbiased opinion about. But life keeps me busy, so it may take me a while to read your book, and even more to post a review, so keep this in mind. 

What is The Bookworm Rating?
It is a rating system devised by me to give you an instant idea of whether or not I liked a book and to which extent I would recommend it to others. For the details, you need to read the full reviews, but the number of stars I give to a book is a quick and clear indication of my opinions on it.

Leave a comment!
You are free to agree, disagree or share a different view about the books mentioned here. We are all different and have different tastes (the world would be a pretty boring place if we didn't). Leave me a comment about it (but please keep it civil) and maybe we can even share an interesting discussion on the matter.

Please check the website policy for additional information. To comply with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union, please check the privacy policy.

If you're just stopping by to visit, leave a comment too, letting me know your opinions, thoughts, suggestions, lists of new books and anything else you want to say. It may take me some time to reply, but I'll come back to you eventually. And if you follow me on any social media, let me know too, so I can follow you back!

Happy readings!




  1. Hi
    My name is Michael Ross and I am a published author with Limitless Publishing. After releasing short story anthologies and the first of my Out Of Hand thriller series, I have changed direction slightly. On July 26th I have a light hearted romance being published. Entitled Chasing What’s Already Gone it is a humorous love story from a male perspective.
    Although I live in the UK I’m blessed with an editor based in the US who, although she specialises in thrillers, thinks this novel has wide appeal. I am wondering if I forwarded you an advanced copy of the book whether you would consider reviewing it?
    Thank you for your time
    Best wishes
    Facebook: Michael Ross-Writer

    1. Thank you Michael. Yes, I would certainly be interested in reviewing your book, as long ans you understand that I have a long reading list (don't we all) and sometimes it takes me a while before I can read (and review) books...

  2. I have a new novel slated for e-book publication later this month with the print version to follow several months later.

    Might you be interested in providing a review/blog post?
    Conversely, I would be happy to provide a guest blog posting relevant to science fiction and weird science (see

    The genre of As Wings Unfurl is science fiction (234 pages).

    Brief blurb:

    Applegate Bogdanski returns from Vietnam with a missing leg, a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. A fair trade, he thinks, for a coward, whose only remaining passion is to dull his grief with morphine. He stumbles through each day working at an obscure Newark, New Jersey bookstore, looking forward to nothing and hoping it would arrive soon. Enter Angela, who claims to be his guardian angel. Neither one is an angel, but together, they uncover a conspiracy which threatens to undo humankind itself.

    As Wings Unfurl took 1st place as best sci-fi novel of 2014 at the Royal Palm Literary Awards and will be published by Red Adept on July 19, 2016.

    If you are interested, I can provide you with a link and coupon code for a free copy in several e-book formats.

    Best regards,

    1. Thank you Arthur. I don't read a lot of science fiction, but you've gotten me curious now. Like I said in the comment above, as long as you're OK with me taking a while to read and review your book, I certainly would like to do so.

  3. Hello Teresa,

    When you are reading and reviewing books again, would you be interested in reviewing my book, Devil Out Of Texas ?

    I just posted it for sale as an ebook in Amazon. Please let me know what I need to do or send you in order to have it reviewed. It's 449 pages.

    Here is the brief synopsis I posted with the book:

    In the summer of 1973, a fourteen year old kid spends time with his grandfather and his friends, George Burns, Jack Benny, Georgie Jessel, and others, as they play cards at the Hillcrest Country Club near Beverly Hills, California. He later sits down to listen as his grandfather tells him the action-packed tale of his great-grandfather, the first Jewish Texas Ranger, and how his grandfather came to Hollywood to become one of the pioneers of the movie industry.
    The young man learns about how his grandfather came to be friends with the early stars of the silver screen, like Tom Mix, William S. Hart, Lionel Barrymore, and Doug Fairbanks, and his grandfather's association with the great Mexican revolutionary leader Pancho Villa, the famous lawman Wyatt Earp, and other fascinating characters.

    Thank you,

    -Roger Raffee

    1. Hi Roger. I'll be happy to review your book, as long as you don't expect me to post the review really soon. (Sadly) I don't have a lot of free time to read and it always takes me a while to go through the books I'm requested to review.

  4. I was wondering if you would be willing to review and/or promote a newly-published (April) Christian romance novella, Heaven Shining Through.
    A synopsis of the book ...
    Samantha is dreading her return home. Throughout her life, she had a rocky relationship with her mother – and now her mother is all she has left.
    Through a nostalgic look back, Samantha recognizes the presence of God in an ordinary life. She learns more about herself as a wife and mother who has had
    her share of sorrow and blessings.
    As her faith increases, she is able to see her mother through new eyes, leading to reconciliation … and is reminded of that every time she sees Heaven
    Shining Through
    If interested, please let me know about your procedures. Hard copy or Kindle copy available upon request. I can send my bio and a launch press release.
    Website/blog/social networking links:;; @revblt (twitter)


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