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Friday, May 25, 2018

Review: Secret Guardian

Book Review: Secret Guardian, by Jill Sanders, 1 star

Ann can’t tolerate the new guy assigned to her camera crew. She’s been in journalism long enough to know when someone is full of himself. And this guy is so full of himself, he can’t seem to point the camera in the right direction. Her latest assignment in Brazil, seemed harmless enough, but now she’s in over her head and the only way out is to trust the man that helped put her in the line of fire to begin with.
Ethan is ex-special forces with a stellar record and long resume of top secret missions. Leaving the military was a tough decision, but working for himself provides the freedom he loves. Taking the occasional high-profile security job helps pay the bills and keep his need for excitement at bay. When he takes an undercover job for an old client, his years of training and experience are put to the test. However, babysitting the senator’s daughter proves to be a challenge he can hardly resist.

Genre: romantic suspense 

Publication date: November 2013

Mature content: yes

Review: Secret Guardian was a huge disappointment. From the synopsis and the stellar reviews on Amazon I expected something totally different. Instead, after the first few pages, I found the characters and the situations to be totally unrealistic.

Less than 24 hours after leaving Rio chased by a bunch of bad guys and having discovered that Nathan is really Ethan and that she knows even less about him than she thought she knew before, Ann doesn't hesitate to jump naked into a pool and have sex with him - and unprotected sex, to boot. Yep, that's totally what I would expect from the smart woman we are supposed to believe she is. Not.

After that, all went downhill for me. The book became a sequence of sex scenes with several backgrounds, from a crate on a plane to a luxury house in Peru. And in just three or four days Ann knows she's in love with Ethan - a man she still knows next to nothing about. Yes, he's told her about his life and family, but then, a couple of days before she knew him by another name, which means that, from her perspective he should not be role model of honesty.

I admit the problem with this book may be all mine, since almost everyone else seems to have loved it, but to me, sadly, Secret Guardian just felt like a waste of a good plot idea.

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