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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Review: The Storm

Book Review: The Storm, by Elizabeth Hunter, 4 stars


On the darkest night of winter, can he bring light to her wounded heart?
Scarred by loss, Irina warrior Renata has held the world at a distance. Fighting the Grigori and protecting humanity are her goals, but her heart remains frozen to the bonds of family and love. Only one scribe, Maxim of Riga, has managed to see through Renata’s armor.
On the darkest night of winter, in the halls of her ancestral home, Renata is forced to face her past. Can a fierce storm and a stubborn scribe coax her back to life, or will she retreat into duty forever?
with bonus novella SONG FOR THE DYING
When a letter arrives from a remote scribe house in Latvia, Leo and Max must return to their childhood home to face the father and grandfather who raised them.
The past is inescapable, but can it be overcome? Is it possible to build a future of happiness from a foundation of pain?

Genre: paranormal

Publication date: April 2018

Mature content: yes

Review: Elizabeth Hunter's writing is as good as always, and Renata and Max's love story is epic all by itself. They very much deserved a happy ending and I'm glad they finally found it.

I was slightly disappointed with The Storm, though. I don't really see it as a book, more like a novella - because, honestly, there isn't much action. Everything happens in the exact same setting - Renata's mountain house - and it all revolves around Renata making peace with her past and accepting Max's love. It's beautiful, yes, but there really isn't a lot of action, not like in the previous books (The Scribe: Irin Chronicles Book One is still my all-time favorite in the series and I actually went back and re-read my favorite parts after finishing The Storm).

The Storm is followed by an even shorter story (Song for the Dying), which is also beautiful and full of meaning but, yes, very short. Neither The Storm nor Song for the Dying felt like closure to the Irin Chronicles series, so I was glad to find out that Elizabeth Hunter plans to write more books about these amazing characters and their fantastic world (you can read about it here). 

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