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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Review: Out of the Night

Book Review: Out of the Night, by Trish Milburn, 4 stars


Since the death of her fiancé, it is Olivia DaCosta who continues his good work feeding the homeless. Every day is a lone struggle to keep her diner open, more than two years after the plague that devastated the human population. Now, amid the chaos, a vampire race has begun stalking the survivors.
Because of her rare blood type, Olivia has learned to avoid vampire contact—until she meets one she can't resist. After Campbell Raines saves her life, it's clear there's no ignoring their potentially fatal attraction. In the arms of this haunted yet captivating cop, Olivia will discover that vampires can love just as passionately as they kill….

Genre: paranormal

Publication date: October 2013

Mature content: yes

Review: Even though I'm not usually a fan of vampire novels - Elizabeth Hunter's books aside - I loved Out of the Night. It's fast paced and consistent, the characters are all amazing and the plot is unusual enough to keep you glued to the pages right until the very end.

I stayed up late to finish this book because I just couldn't put it down - so if you love the genre, or even if you just love fast paced stories with a touch of fantasy, amazing chemistry and a happy ending, this one is perfect for you. I loved Campbell and Olivia, but especially Campbell, with his white knight tendencies and the strength to which he clings to what is left of his humanity.

My only complaint is that the ending seemed rushed and there were a lot of unresolved issues. It almost seems as if the author intended for Out of the Night to be part of a series, but sadly I couldn't find evidence of a sequel, so I was left wondering because I really wanted the story to go on, to know more about the other members of the V1 team and about the conspiracy they seemed to be on the brink of uncovering.


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