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Friday, April 6, 2018

Review: Falling for the Flyboy

Book Review: Falling for the Flyboy, by Trish Milburn, 4 stars


After the loss of her husband, Amanda Perry knew the only way she had any hope of getting over her grief was to start a new life somewhere else. So she left Georgia, her career and all the places that held too many memories. Now, two years later, she’s living in a farmhouse in North Dakota and running a successful home-based crafting business. She has some casual friendships, but she hasn’t allowed herself to get too close to anyone. That changes when she befriends two teens who bring out her protective instincts and unexpectedly starts falling for Cameron Blue, local boy turned elite pilot who has come back to Cedar Bend. But can she allow herself to love a man who takes to the skies when she’s already lost one love to a plane crash?
When Cameron Blue left Cedar Bend, he’d been a young man full of a desire to see the world. Now, all he wants is to come back to his hometown, buy his grandparents’ farm, and build an industrial park and airstrip that will bring much-needed jobs to the area. But a pretty redhead with a southern accent is living in the farmhouse and she’s not too hot on the idea of having planes flying over her house and lets him know it. Despite that, he feels himself drawn to her and believes there’s more to her story than she’s telling. Does he dare believe that love might be in the cards for him despite his doubts after being a witness to his parents’ divorce?

Genre: contemporary romance

Publication date: January 2017

Mature content: yes

Review: Trish Milburn's books are usually great, entertaining reads, and Falling for the Flyboy doesn't disappoint there. Even though there are a few common points between this one and some of the author's other books, the plot is original enough to keep readers interested. Besides Amanda and Cam's ups and downs, Tilly and Graham's side story also provides interesting additional twists.

There were a few details that did not add up for me, though, hence the just four stars rating. First I thought it was absurd for Cameron to get involved with Amanda without knowing her marital status first, especially since she's wearing her wedding band and her engagement ring at all times. When he finally asks and she says she's not married anymore but doesn't explain the details, he chooses not to pursue the matter, as if it's not important. I found that strange. Who would want to start a serious relationship based on such a vague notion?

And then there were lots of small details that were left unresolved, from what happened to Graham's family to how Amanda and Cam sorted out the issue of the land they were both wanting to buy. In the end he gives her the title of the land, but I still would have liked to know what she did with it - did she pay him back (though probably it doesn't matter since they're getting married anyway), did she convert the barn as she initially intended to? Being a craft addict myself, Amanda's business held particular interest for me and I would have loved to know how her expansion plans were working out.

Overall, however, Falling for the Flyboy is still an interesting romance novel and if you love the genre you shouldn't miss it.

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  1. The cover of Falling For The Flyboy does look very interesting but after reading your review I think I would have a hard time reading the story, I have a hard time getting around details that don't add up. But I really liked your review so thank you.

    1. Thank you Laura. Yes, I'm also terribly picky with book plots. In this case inconsistencies are mild, but they are still there.


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