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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Review: Who Do You Trust?

Book Review: Who Do You Trust?, by Melissa James, 2 stars


Two images kept Mitch McCluskey fighting for life on the secret mission he'd sworn would be his last: reuniting with his sons...and seeing sweet Melissa Carroll. Without hesitation, his childhood friend had made her home his boys', but Mitch sensed that some man had made Lissa doubt her desirability...just as someone was making her fear the last person who would ever hurt her.
Lissa wanted to believe that Mitch was one of the good guys, just as she wanted to believe that the feral look in his eyes was for a passion fifteen years postponed. But despite his beloved familiarity, Mitch was a stranger she'd been warned not to trust. Problem was, her heart wasn't responding to the warning.

Genre: romantic suspense

Publication date: February 2014 (for the Kindle version)

Mature content: yes

Review: No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get into this story. Which is kid of sad, as think there was some potential buried underneath. What's more, I don't think I even read the same book as everyone else, as the reviews on Amazon are all 4 and 5 stars. I debated rating this one with 3 stars and in the end I couldn't even bring myself to do that.

The plot is too complicated and there seem to be missing pieces all over. We kind of fall into the story in the middle of the action and never really shake the feeling that we must be missing something. Added to that, the characters are totally inconsistent - one minute Lissa is crying because she fears Mitch, a man she hasn't seen in twelve years, is going to take his children away from her, the next one she's willing to go to bed with him (did I mention she hadn't seen him in twelve years? And, by the way, he thought she was still married to someone else until he walked through her door?) - actually, she's considering marrying him the following week. Something she has to put on hold for a few days because in between she becomes a spy. It's not just confusing - it's unrealistic. And who goes around calling himself a spy nowadays? Maybe on a cold war novel, not a contemporary one.

All the references to movies, TV series and other books - used by all the characters, not just one of them - are a bit odd; after a while they cease to be funny and become annoying. And some of the scenes are just too long, with never ending dialogs. The first scene, when Lissa and Mitch are reunited for the first time, takes almost a quarter of the book.

And if that's not enough, there's a sexual overload in Who Do You Trust? Between Lissa and Mitch I could get it - though, again, after twelve years it's kind of weird they jump right into it. But having the random bad guy lusting after Lissa as well seemed a bit too much.

I kept on reading this book until the very end, trying to find the major breakthrough that would share more light over the plot and the source of the characters' erratic behavior, but sadly I couldn't find it. The problem may be mine alone, but Who Do You Trust isn't a book and can bring myself to recommend.

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