The Book Worm: The 2018 Reading Challenge

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The 2018 Reading Challenge

This is my third year taking the Goodreads annual reading challenge.

The 2018 Reading Challenge

Last year I failed my goal again by 5 books (I had planned to read 110 books and ended up reading just 105). I was on track until the very last weeks of the year, when I had to put in extra hours at the office and finding time to read became nearly impossible. Not that 105 is all that bad, as it's an average of a little over 2 books a week...

For 2018 I decided to stretch my goal even a bit more - it's not a challenge otherwise, right? - and I'm hoping to read 112 books. Let's see how I manage that.

How about you, are you taking the 2018 reading challenge as well? It you're not there yet but would love to challenge yourself this year, there's still plenty of time. Login or register over at Goodreads and challenge yourself. Determine how many books you want to read in 2018 and then update your status as you read along and finish each book. 

And remember, it's a challenge, so you should put in a number that is reasonable but also that will require some effort and commitment from your part. You can also edit the number of books in the challenge at any time.

Keep Calm And Read A Book

...or a hundred and twelve...

If you're on Goodreads already (or if you join), let's connect. I'm The Book Worm.

Happy readings,

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