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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Review: Private Maneuvers

Book Review: Private Maneuvers, by Catherine Mann, 2 stars


C-17 copilot Darcy "Wren" Renshaw wanted a piece of the war-zone action like the rest of her air-force family. Instead, she was stuck hauling a brooding scientist to the calm waters of Guam. Darcy thought she was being shuffled far away from the action...until she met Max Keagan and embarked on the mission of her life.
Undercover CIA agent Max needed a military airlift to a South Pacific island. He didn't need First Lieutenant Darcy Renshaw blowing his cover and bringing chaos to his top secret program. But Darcy and danger seemed destined to go hand in hand. And while trying to keep Darcy safe, Max realized he was soon in danger of losing his well-guarded heart.

Genre: military romance

Publication date: May 2010

Mature content: yes

Review: Private Maneuvers is an older book and lived in my to-read shelf for a long time. Lately I was looking for something other than Holidays-themed books and decided to get into this one. Sadly, I was really disappointed.

As much as I tried I couldn't make myself like the story or the characters. It definitely isn't what I expected, especially taking into account the other books from Catherine Mann I've read before. For a brief moment the plot held my attention, but that moment faded away too quickly. I even debated putting it aside unfinished but in the end decide to bear it until the happily ever after.  

There's so little action in the book that most of the plot basically translates into Max and Darcy going back and forth on whether they should act on their physical attraction, with the upsides and downsides of said action being discussed in detail. Descriptions of their physical attraction come up so often that instead of being exciting they end up being boring. And there's so much insistence in the fact that Darcy is a virgin/inexperienced/innocent that it almost sounds like she's some sort of freak show.

That being said, both Darcy and Max seem to have so much time on their hands that they could just be on vacation instead of in the middle of a military mission and a CIA covert operation. They don't sound professional in either capacity and for me that killed the military side of the book.

All in all, the writing is repetitive, the plot is boring, the suspense is virtually inexistent - I've read a lot better by Catherine Mann (Cover Me and Defender come to mind) and honestly Private Maneuvers is a book I don't recommend.

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