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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Review: You Say it First


Sculptor Nick Mitchell grew up in a family of artists and learned from his volatile father that passion only leads to pain. As he waits on a new commission, he takes a day job as a humble carpenter at a theme wedding venue. The job has its perks—mainly the venue’s captivating owner, Pallas Saunders.
Pallas adores Weddings in a Box. But if she can’t turn the floundering business around, she’ll have no choice but to cave to her domineering mother and work at the family’s bank. Then when a desperate bride begs Pallas for something completely out of the box, her irresistible new hire inspires her. Nick knows she doesn’t belong behind a desk, and she knows in her heart that he’s right—where she really belongs is in his arms.

Genre: contemporary romance

Publication date: September 2017

Mature content: yes

Review: You Say it First is book one in Susan Mallery's much awaited Happily Inc. series. After so many Fool's Gold books, I, for one, was ready for a change. Although, really, it isn't much of a change because You Say it First follows exactly the same premise as most of its predecessors. Not a lot of points for originality, then.

What I liked about You Say it First:
Even though it's a brand new series, there are several bridges with the previous one, namely three of the Mitchell brothers, which makes it easier to settle into the story. Also, the whole topic of weddings was fairly interesting, as was the inspiration of seeing Pallas developing her own business and taking on new challenges. 

What I didn't like so much: 
Mostly, the way the story seems over-detailed in places (I was lost amidst all the wedding decor alternatives and sometimes I had no idea what Pallas and her friends were really talking about) and a bit rushed in others. I would have liked to have a more detailed description of the town (there isn't much beyond the story of how it came to be and the fact that there are exotic animals around) and a also to see more depth in Pallas and Nick's relationship.

But overall, even though in my opinion You Say if First isn't one of Susan Mallery's best books so far, it's still and interesting feel-good read, so I recommend it.

And I'm already looking forward for book two in the series, Second Chance Girl: A Modern Fairy Tale Romance (Happily Inc), which is expected to be published really soon.

Happy Readings, 

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