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Monday, May 29, 2017

Review: The Accidental Engagement

Book Review: The Accidental Engagement, by Maggie Dallen


Oops . . .
It started as a regular night for New York City restaurant hostess Ivy Sinclair, until a rowdy customer turned out to be world famous playboy Jack Everett. Thanks to the paparazzi, now the world thinks they’re a couple—which couldn’t be farther from the truth. But when a brooding, sexy businessman offers her a simply irresistible proposition…
  Uh oh . . .
Just when cutthroat venture capitalist Daniel Gladwell thought he’d never close the deal with an Italian conglomerate, a simple mistake becomes the perfect opportunity. All he has to do is convince Ivy to pretend to be Jack’s fiancĂ©e while on a business trip to Italy to offset Jack’s bad boy reputation. As long as Daniel doesn’t sabotage the plan by claiming the tempting waitress for himself . . .
Oh yes!
It was supposed to be a business only arrangement. But in the magic of the Tuscan countryside, neither Ivy nor Daniel can fight the attraction building between them. In the world’s most romantic setting, the line between business and pleasure is one that begs to be crossed.

Genre: contemporary romance

Publication date: November 2015

Mature content: yes

Review: I like the idea behind the book, and I think it is funny (in places) and well written. Unfortunately, in my opinion there are too many holes in the plot for the story to be realistic and coherent. 

First, it is unbelievable how business decisions are made in this book, how anyone could ever create and sustain a multi-million dollar company that way - not that we ever really understand what the business is about other than something to do with electronic gadgets, which in the book actually come across as "toys". 

Then there are those details that really help the author to move ahead with the plot but that lack a rational explanation. For example: if Ivy and Jack are supposed to be acting like an engaged couple, why are their hotel rooms in different floors (while Daniel is, conveniently, just down the door from her)?

Well, I could go on, but there is really no point. I missed how Daniel and Ivy go from sexual attraction to love, I couldn't see the relevance of the Italian countryside escapade and by the time I got to the happy ending I was disappointed with the book. 

So yes, the idea is good, but I didn't like the way it was put into practice, so I can't bring myself to actively recommend The Accidental Engagement.  

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