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Monday, May 15, 2017

Review: Rogue's Challenge

Book Review: Rogue's Challenge, by Jo Barrett.


He made a vow to fetch the woman back through time. 'Twas a task not taken lightly. But he had not predicted her stubbornness or her beauty. The petite woman with the tenacity of a mule may just find a way into his roguish heart.

Genre: historical romance / time travel romance

Publication date: April 2008

Mature content: yes

Review:  I can't say I disliked Rogue's Challenge, but this is book two in the Challenger series by Jo Barrett and I read it right after book one, Highlander's Challenge, so it felt more like a follow up of the original story and less like a stand alone book. 

At the end of book one (Colin and Amelia's story), Amelia is pregnant and wants her friend Jenny to be brought back in time to help with the labor and delivery. Ian, Colin's best friend, is chosen to travel to the future to bring Jenny back. 


Rogue's Challenge is therefore the story of Ian and Jenny but stand alone, is not so great. It's short and rushed, everything seems to happen too fast. And while the banter between between Ian  and Jenny is funny at first, the feeling of an historical romance is totally lost. Actually, the plot could take place on any other century and you wouldn't notice. It's just not realistic. And the attempt at suspense also failed in my opinion, with lots of details left unsolved.

So this is a book I would only recommend if you've read and enjoyed book one and want to spend a couple of hours more with the same characters (and find out about Amelia and Colin's baby). 

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