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Monday, May 22, 2017

Review: Omens and Artifacts

Book Review: Omens and Artifacts, by Elizabeth Hunter


Setting up shop as an antiquities hunter means nothing if you don't have clients. What Ben Vecchio needs is a job. A big job. A profitable job.
A legendary job.
Finding the lost sword of Brennus the Celt, the mythical Raven King of the British Isles, would make Ben's reputation in the immortal world, but gaining a reputation can be a dirty business.
Tenzin doesn't like digging, but she's more than happy to let Ben do the dirty work while she provides the muscle he needs to make other vampires pay attention. They're partners. Or so Ben thinks.
But when finding this treasure puts Tenzin's future plans at risk, will their partnership survive? Digging into ancient Scottish history can get you dirty. It can also get you killed.

Genre: paranormal

Publication date: January 2017

Mature content: no (there are vampires in this book, though)

Review: Loved it. Of the three Elemental Legacy novellas so far, this one is clearly my favorite. I didn't care that much for the first two one way or the other - they were well written, but not much more than that. There was a spark missing and finally I found it here. Omens and Artifacts made me smile and believe that something big is coming our way. 

This book, though technically still a novella, passes on the feeling of a full sized novel and the interaction between Ben and Tenzin is just fascinating. In the book's own words: 

“Can I just say that the two of you are fascinating to me? I’m not really sure what’s going on, but it’s very interesting.”
Yes, that pretty much sums it up. 

Omens and Artifacts is the end of the beginning. That is actually the closing sentence of the book and I will be anxiously waiting for the beginning. 

Omens and Artifacts can be read independently of the other two novellas in my opinion (as I said, I don't think they add that much to the storyline), but I recommend you to read the Elemental Mysteries series first, starting right at the beginning with A Hidden Fire - not just because it will help you place all the characters in Omens and Artifacts but also because it's really that good. 

Happy readings,

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