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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review: My Kind of You

Book Review: My Kind of You, by Tracy Brogan


Emily Callaghan never expected to spend another summer on Wenniway Island. Yet here she is, back in her quaint northern Michigan hometown of Trillium Bay, divorced, flat broke, and dragging along her precocious twelve-year-old. It’s a simple arrangement: Emily, a house flipper, will renovate one of her grandmother’s rental properties in exchange for a much-needed loan. Once a wild child, the reformed Emily also hopes to remodel her reputation and show her family she’s all grown up.
But coming home is never simple. Emily’s dad is more distant than ever. Her younger sister is dating a much older man, and Emily’s worried it’s a mistake. The cottage remodel grows increasingly daunting. And then there’s handsome out-of-towner Ryan Taggert…
Ryan has his own family drama. A smart, ambitious land developer, he’s come to Wenniway to rescue his father from the grips of a new girlfriend and protect their family business. But he’s quickly distracted by gorgeous, witty Emily Callaghan.
There’s no denying the attraction between Emily and Ryan. But will their conflicting interests destroy any chance at love? Or will Emily finally get the chance to rebuild her life—and repair her heart?

Genre: contemporary romance

Publication date: April 2017

Mature content: nothing graphic

Review: I loved, loved loved everything about this book. It's written in a very funny and engaging way and yet, despite all the irony, the important messages flow through. 

Ryan is a likable character, Chloe (Emily's daughter) is an amazing girl and Emily turned out alright too, even if I didn't care too much for her in the first few pages. Wenniway Island sounds like a really magical place though and, small town dynamics aside, even I would like to live there.

Ryan and Emily's romance is sweet and happens naturally - despite the attraction between them they take time to get to know each other before taking the leap - and as such is much more realistic than those two-or-three-day-whirlwinds of some romance novels. We also don't need to be treated to graphic details to get the point.

My only complaint is that the end seems a bit rushed, with all the pieces falling into place a almost too seamlessly, and we never get to know what happens between Tag (Ryan's father) and Lilly (Emily's younger sister). Since their relationship was the trigger for the entire plot, I was a bit irked to be left in the dark.

Hopefully the author will manage to publish book two really soon (My kind of You is book one in the Trillium Bay series), because I can't wait. In the meantime, I'll be looking for more Tracy Brogan books for sure!

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