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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Review: Sign, Seal, Deliver

Book Review: Sign, Seal, Deliver, by Rogenna Brewer


Lt Zach Prince, call sign ‘Renegade’, is a hotshot naval aviator. If only he could control the woman he wants the way he can a fighter jet … but a painful secret from their shared past has landed him squarely in the ‘friend zone.’ Michelle’s waved him off so many times Zach’s beginning to give up hope they’ll ever be together. So when he’s tapped to join the SEAL Teams, he knows this may be his last shot to make things right before he leaves.
Lt Michelle Dann fought hard to become a fighter pilot. There’s only one thing she wants more than to fly jets, but she’s convinced it’s the challenge that keeps Zach on the hook. And that’s why she has to be the one to put some distance between them. Her call sign, ‘Rapunzel’, stands for more than her trademark long hair … she’s smart, resourceful and not waiting around for any man to rescue her.
But when Michelle’s fighter jet crashes in the desert, nothing can stop Zach from going after her … even if finding her means losing her all over again.

Genre: military romance

Publication date: February 2016

Mature content: yes

Review: I may be the minority, but I was a bit disappointed with this book. I came across it purely by chance, and while I can't say I didn't enjoy reading it at all, I also don't think it is amazing. 

What I liked: 
  • the military details. It's been a while since I've read a military romance and all the details at the beginning of this one seem accurate enough, or at least believable enough
  • the way the plots stands out from the more mainstream romances. Actually, this book turns backwards most of the traditional plots and that's not only refreshing but also a key point to hold the readers' attention
What I didn't like so much: 
  • the way the plot is so fast paced in the beginning and then slows down to a crawl - and not only that, it also becomes confusing. It's almost like the first half and the second half of the book were written by  two different authors
  • the flashbacks in the story. The way they pop out with no transition is also confusing
  • the lack of consistency in the characters, especially Michelle
  • the happy ending seemed rushed and not entirely realistic

So, while Sign, Seal, Deliver is not that bad overall, it's not a book I would actively recommend. 

Sign, Seal, Deliver is book two in the Seal it With a Kiss series by Rogenna Brewer, but it can be perfectly read as a stand-alone story. 

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