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Friday, March 31, 2017

Review: Someone to Love

  Book Review: Someone to Love, by Donna Alward


Ethan Gallagher is a firefighter in Darling, Vermont, who followed tradition and pledged his love on the Kissing Bridge to ensure lifelong happiness. A few years later, he’s a widower with two rambunctious boys who no longer believes in magic. But even he has to admit that free-spirited Willow Dunaway fills him with wonder…and an attraction he cannot deny.
Willow’s come back to Darling a different girl than the one who left after high school. Overcoming her past and owning her own business has made her into a strong, independent woman. Single dad Ethan appeals to her in a way she didn’t expect, even though settling down is the last thing on her mind. But after fire destroys the local food bank, the town rallies, and a fling between Ethan and Willow leads to unintended consequences. Can they find a way out of their heartbreak to make a home in each other’s hearts?

Genre: contemporary romance

Publishing date: March 2017

Mature content: yes

Review: As the plot goes, I loved reading Someone to Love. It's an interesting, heartwarming story of love, loss and second chances. Of how first impressions and looks can be deceiving. I also loved the small town/large family dynamics, Willow's dedication to her business and Ethan's efforts to be the best single father he can be. Ronan and Connor, Ethan's boys, are both cute and charming and add a lot to the story. 

I'm just not rating Someone to Love with five stars for two reasons. 

First, there are some editing issues in the book that bothered me. Details, I know, but details that make me go back and read some paragraphs again thinking that I misread them before. Things like Ethan was holding her hand, then lets go and puts his hand in his pocket, and in the next phrase Willow's flushed because he's still holding her hand.  Or something Ethan says and then, three paragraphs below he's asking Willow why she said that same thing when he said it in the first place. There are really a few scenes in this book that could really benefit from a revision. 

And second, I had a difficult time connecting to Willow, especially in what concerns her past. There are some issues that I don't think were clearly explained (for example, I don't really get why a seventeen year old girl who's been neglected and considered by her mother as a burden could really expect an unwanted pregnancy to bring them close). And throughout the book Willow never feels like someone who grew up in town and had lots of friends (even if not close ones), she feels more like a newcomer, because there's absolutely no connection between her past and her present (except those unresolved issues with her mother, who doesn't even live there anymore). 

It's true that this is book two in the Darling series by Donna Alward and I didn't read book one (Somebody Like You: A Darling, VT Novel, Aiden and Laurel's story), but I felt it could be perfectly read as a stand alone story. And despite my rantings above, I do recommend it.

In any case, I have added Donna Alward to my list of favorite authors a while ago, and I'll be definitely looking for the next book in the series (Somebody's Baby: A Darling, VT Novel,, to be released right next week).

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