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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Review: Ripple

Book Review: Ripple, by Michael Grumley

It began in Ethiopia, hundreds of thousands of years ago.  When a handful of genetic mutations caused evolution to split from the primates.  And mankind was born.
Now, eons later, evidence of more splits from the apes are being unearthed. And with them, a disturbing realization. Ours was only one of many.
And yet we survived. But it was not by luck or chance. We survived because humans had something the others did not. A unique ingredient that has only now been rediscovered.
First in the mountains of South America, where it was promptly destroyed by the Chinese. And now a second source in Africa. The epicenter of mankind's very inception.
A place that John Clay and Alison Shaw must find quickly. Because the Russians already know what we are searching for. And the Chinese want back what is rightfully theirs.
The mother of all secrets awaits the world, in Africa. One that will not only explain who we are, but will decipher the very code within our own DNA.

Genre: fiction

Publishing date: December 2016

Mature content: just the inherent violence you get with any mainstream action movie

Review: Ripple is book four in the Breakthrough series (following Breakthrough, Leap and Catalyst (Breakthrough)). I really enjoyed the first books (read my reviews here, and here and here), and Ripple follows just the same pattern. 

I was mildly disappointed in just one thing: I was expecting closure, I was hoping for an end to the story that unfolds since Breakthrough. After reading all four books in a row, I believed I could grasp it, but closure doesn't happen, not in Ripple. If anything, we are virtually left with another huge cliffhanger. Ripple raises even more new issues, more new sub plot ideas. And while I do love the way the author manages to weave all those sub plots together, I'm really starting to think this Breakthrough series is really a never ending story...

As a series, all the books come with just the right amounts of action, science and science fiction to keep readers interested until the end, but for me they are not really separate stories, just one long story that evolves in unpredictable ways, so none of the books can be read stand alone.

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