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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Review: Wild in the Outback

Book Review: Wild in the Outback, by Charmaine Ross

Documentary maker Dan Masters is completely out of his comfort zone in the wild outback Australia. Passionate park ranger, Victoria Price, couldn’t be more at home in the wilderness. After Victoria saves Dan from the jaws of a ferocious crocodile, she can’t get away from him fast enough. But her amazing rescue has been filmed during their preliminary shoot, and when the film’s investors see the footage, they demand Dan do whatever it takes to get Victoria involved in the movie. Including blackmail.
Ordered to take part, Victoria reluctantly joins Dan on safari where they fight poachers, fire ants and a powerful attraction for each other that becomes increasingly difficult to deny. But desire is a dangerous game…

Genre: contemporary romance

Publishing date: December 2016
Mature content: yes

Review: Wild in the Outback has an interesting enough plot, though I'm not sure I would qualify it as the romantic comedy Amazon claims it is. The truth is the story raised sufficient curiosity for me to read it until the end, and some parts really are funny, but not amazingly so, and the tone in which they are described is probably not the best to actually make you laugh out loud. 

I liked the concept of the story, and the fact that it takes place in Australia certainly is a welcome change from the more mainstream romance novels, but some of the situations are unrealistic and, after a while, a bit repetitive. Also, other than the physical attraction that the author makes sure to mention about ten times on every page, I didn't feel a lot of chemistry between Victoria and Dan and I certainly missed the part where they actually fall in love. 

In my opinion, Wild in the Outback deserved better editing in some places and more character development overall, so this is a clear read-if-you-have time, and not much more than that. 


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