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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Review: On a Clear Winter Night

Book Review: On a Clear Winter Night, by Elizabeth Hunter


Join Ava, Malachi, and their friends for Midwinter holidays in Prague. The Irin might not celebrate Christmas, but that doesn't mean Ava has to give up on the holidays. With her children on the way, nothing will stop the newest Irina from celebrating with her growing family. But will lingering doubts and worries about fatherhood let Malachi celebrate the way he wants?
On a Clear Winter Night is a short story set after the first three books of the Irin Chronicles.

Genre: paranormal

Publishing date: December 2015

Mature content: no

Review: On a Clear Winter Night sat on my reading list for a little over a year, mostly because of my usual aversion to short stories. And this one is really, really short, you can start and finish it easily in an hour. 

As the writing goes, it's as wonderful as all Elizabeth Hunter's other books, but the story in itself is more like a long epilogue to the The Secret, the third book in the Irin Chronicles series and as such can't be read stand-alone. On a Clear Winter Night is really just for the fans of the Irin Chronicles that wanted to know more about Ava and Malachi's children. As a result, there isn't a lot of plot to go by: Malachi makes sure Ava can celebrate Christmas is a way as close as possible to what she did when she lived just among humans and gets her a Christmas tree, and then their twin babies are born. There isn't really much else. Which doesn't mean it isn't good - it is, but again, it feels like an epilogue and not like a short story with beginning, middle and end. 

My recommendation is for you to read the first three books before even thinking of tackling this one, short length aside - they are really good too, so you should not miss them anyway - read my reviews of them here.

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