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Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: Maid for the South Pole

Book Review: Maid for the South Pole, by Demelza Carlton

Hotel maid turned meteorologist Audra is determined to make her mark on the world without a man getting in her way. Seizing the chance to join an expedition to the South Pole, she thinks all her Christmases have come at once.
Until she returns to the research station and meets her new roommate.
When Jean-Pierre's wife broke his heart, he swore off women, vowing to spend his holidays in Antarctica for one final season. He didn't count on sharing a room with an Australian woman who hates him for something he can't even remember.
Will the heat of a South Pole summer be enough to thaw two icy hearts?

Genre: contemporary romance

Publishing date: November 2016
Mature content: yes

Review: There's something about this book. 

I don't care that Maid for the South Pole is part of a series - I haven't read any of the previous books and, to be honest, taking into account Jay Felix's participation in this one, I'm not really keen on reading them; for a rock start, he sounds like an idiotic creep and I don't care at all about his love issues. So Maid for the South Pole could have another title, we could forget that Audra ever worked as a maid and we could forget about Jay Felix and just focus on Audra and Jean. 

Because, like I said, there's something about this story that made me stay up late reading it, and I prize my sleeping hours enough that not all books keep me up at night. The only thing I would probably cut back was on the foul language (then again, Jay Felix is responsible for most of it) and I would prefer a little less graphic sex scenes. But the romance between Jean and Audra is sweet, their stories are well structured and all details seem to fit. Besides, how many romance novels have you read that have Antarctica as background scenery? 

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