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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review: Dinner for Two

Book Review: Dinner for Two, by Drea Stein

Sean Callahan was big shot chef with his own restaurant and a TV deal - until one mistake had him back scrubbing pots.
Now he has a second shot at doing what he loves and he's not about to let anything get between him and his dreams - including the beautiful but fiery Darby Reese.
Darby Reese secretly quit her big city job to take over a struggling cafe. Now she has just one chance to make it work.
When these two passionate chefs meet sparks fly - but is their chemistry cooking up something delectable or are they heading for disaster?

Genre: contemporary romance

Publishing date: December 2013
Mature content: yes

Review: Dinner for Two is not an outstanding romance novel, the plot is fairly predictable and there are no real unexpected twists and turns. It starts out at a good pace but then action stalls a bit. I was expecting a bit more from the secondary plots, especially Darby's plans to renovate her father's deli. Her parents reaction to what she did behind their backs was pretty mild in comparison to what was hinted throughout the book and there was no follow up on the potential sale to Quent and on Darby's plans to expand the business, two details I actually was curious about.

Still, it's a nice, light, fun to read novel and I actually enjoyed reading it. If won't make you smarter, but it won't burn your brain cells either. Yes, there are better books out there, but there are also much worse, so as long as you don't raise your expectations too much, Dinner for Two accounts for a few well spent hours and delivers exactly what it promises.

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