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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Review: A Knights Bridge Christmas

Book Review: A Knights Bridge Christmas, by Carla Neggers

Clare Morgan is ready for a fresh start when she moves to the small Massachusetts town of Knights Bridge with her young son, Owen. Widowed for six years, Clare settles into her new job as the town librarian. She appreciates the welcome she and Owen receive and enjoys getting the library ready for the annual holiday open house. 
Clare expects to take it slow with her new life. Then she meets Logan Farrell, a Boston ER doctor in town to help his elderly grandmother settle into assisted living. Slow isn't a word Logan seems to understand. Accustomed to his fast-paced life, he doesn't plan to stay for long. But Daisy Farrell enlists her grandson to decorate her house on the village green one last time. Logan looks to Clare for help. She can go through Daisy's book collection and help him decorate while she's at it. 
As Clare and Logan get his grandmother's house ready for the holidays, what neither of them expects to find is an attraction to each other. Better than most, they know all the crazy things that can happen in life, but everything about Knights Bridge and this magical season invites them to open themselves to new possibilities…and new love.

Genre: contemporary romance

Publishing date: November 2016

Mature content: nothing to report

Review:  As Christmas romances go, this one was Ok, but not much more than that. The references to Dickens's Christmas Carol fit in well, both with the plot and with the back story, and I thought the beginning of the book, with the romance between Logan's grandparents, was really sweet. However, I failed to connect with either Clare or Logan, and I also couldn't quite grasp the connection between them. In some places I couldn't follow the story really well, as if there were gaps in the plot here and there, and I kept going back and forth to try and see if I had missed something.


A Knights Bridge Christmas is a fairly short novel, since the book also includes an even shorter story (also Knights Bridge related) as a bonus, so if you're looking for a quick and light holidays read, this may be it. Otherwise, there are much better holiday romances out there.

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