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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Review: Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover

Book Review: Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover, by Sarah MacLean

By day, she is Lady Georgiana, sister to a duke, ruined before her first season in the worst kind of scandal. But the truth is far more shocking—in London's darkest corners, she is Chase, the mysterious, unknown founder of the city's most legendary gaming hell. For years, her double identity has gone undiscovered . . . until now.
Brilliant, driven, handsome-as-sin Duncan West is intrigued by the beautiful, ruined woman who is somehow connected to a world of darkness and sin. He knows she is more than she seems, and he vows to uncover all of Georgiana's secrets, laying bare her past, threatening her present, and risking all she holds dear . . . including her heart.

Genre: historical romance

Publishing date: November 2014

Mature content: yes

Review: Let me start by saying that although this book is set in 19th century London, there is very little historical background, so if you're one of those readers very focused on the details, this may not be a 5-star read for you. Usually, I'm also focused on the details but in this case, I open an exception because this story, and its characters, captured my attention from page one right until the end and this is not an everyday occurrence. I literally could not put this book down. So I forgot all about historical references and just let the story unfold.

I love books with strong female characters, and Georgiana is one of the best I've ever found. But even with all her strengths, she's still a woman who has to face her own fears and insecurities, not to mention the fact that she's an unwed single mother living in a world where everyone has secrets but appearances have to be maintained.

And Duncan? He's a dream come true. He's handsome and intelligent and kind and such a perfect match for Georgiana I felt like screaming at them sometimes, especially when she refused to accept it and kept thinking about a marriage of convenience to a man with a nobility title. He loved her so much he was prepared to let her go, to let her have a better life than he believed he could give her, and I was so relieved in the end when they had their much deserved happily ever after. 

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover is book four in the Rules of Scoundrels series, but can be perfectly read as a stand alone book - I read it as such and never felt I was missing much. In retrospect, I wish I had read the three previous books in the series and I would remedy that immediately if I didn't fear that going back in time might somehow dull my present memory of Duncan and Georgiana's love story. Maybe after some time, when the pair is no longer so fresh in my memory, I will tackle the other books. But for now, I want to let them live in my mind for a while more.

So yes, I love this book and I totally recommend it. 

Happy readings, 

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