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Friday, July 1, 2016

Review: To Tempt a Knight

Book Review: To Tempt a Knight, by Gerri Russell

Sir William Keith owed allegiance to no one save the mysterious brotherhood of the Scottish Templars. But his task to protect the legendary Templar treasure brought him straight into the path of a bold lass who demanded he help her kidnapped father, the treasure's previous guardian.

William dared not abandon Lady Siobhan Fraser for her enemies. She was his best hope for finding the holy artifacts--and a dire temptation to his vow of chastity. How long could he deny the ecstasy that awaited him in her arms? For he knew all too well it's the forbidden fruit that tastes the sweetest . . .

Genre: historical romance

Publishing date: December 2011

Mature content: yes

Review: I saw this book recommended on Goodreads and because I'm a fan of Scotland-middle-ages- historical-fiction, I decided to give it a try. 

I have to say, the first half of the book captured my attention, even if one or two details seemed a bit unrealistic. For example, William is severely wounded when he has to fight a lot of opponents at the same time, he can barely walk after he's rescued by his fellow Templars, his wounds have to be sewn with just one cup of ale as anesthetic and fifteen minutes later he's walking about as if nothing had happened. And in the next day he's fit to mount, then travel of foot and even climb from the bottom of a pit while carrying an unconscious Siobhan. I know medieval knights were tough, but they were still human.

I was prepared to overlook these details because I was getting kind of engrossed in the story. But half way through the book, William and Siobhan finally discover the cave where the treasure of the Templars is hidden. And then the description turns into a perfect imitation of and Indiana Jones movie. If I was already having doubts before, this settled it - not realistic at all. 

After that, I sort of lost interest in the story and just read it through to reach the complimentary happily ever after. Apparently there are three more books in this series, but I don't think I'll be reading them anytime soon. 

So, though I liked the accurate historical references at the end of the book and while the writing and the plot are not entirely bad, this is clearly a read-if-you-have-time-but-don't-expect-do-be-awed book. I did love the cover, and the detail of how the name of the author is written...

If you enjoy medieval Scottish romances, I would suggest Monica McCarty's highland guard series instead (you can find the links to the books of that series I've reviewed so far in the side bar - book one is The Chief).

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