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Monday, July 18, 2016

Review: Lady of Skye

Book Review: Lady of Skye, by Patricia Cabot

Dr. Reilly Stanton, eighth Marquis of Stillworth, must mend his injured pride by proving himself a hero -- and not a drunken wastrel, as his former fiancée claimed. Against all sane advice, the Londoner takes a medical post in a tiny fishing village on the remote Isle of Skye -- and is convinced that he can cope with the primitive conditions, horrendous Highland weather, and rampant illness. But Miss Brenna Donnegal is another matter entirely....
Try as he might, Reilly cannot ignore the toweringly tall lady with flaming chestnut locks and an equally fiery will. She has filled her father's former role as the local physician, and is more than annoyed to find the urbane Dr. Stanton taking over her work and her father's cottage. By fair means or foul, she will give the usurper his comeuppance. But what begins as a sparking tug-of-war between two proud hearts soon flames to a passionate fire... 

Genre: historical romance

Publishing date: February 2001

Mature content: yes

Review: This s a thoroughly enjoyable book, written by Patricia Cabot, aka Meg Cabot. author of the Princess Diaries and a series of other books meant for more mature audiences (such as the Insatiable series, for example).

Lady of Skye is funny, fast paced and easy to read. Besides, I found the plot fairly original for a regency romance, where both main characters eschew their noble upbringing (or not a lot of upbringing, in the case of Brenna, since she's more of a tomboy, really) to help the local population in an off-the-beaten-path village and solve a medical mystery. The alternate view points of the story are refreshing and sometimes downright hilarious. The author's to-the-point writing style makes it a very easy and interesting read.


This is not a recent book, but it's a must if you love historical romance. You will not be able to put it down and you'll be sorry to see it end. And, if you're like me, you'll be searching for more historical romances by the same author to read next... 

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