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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Review: Hearts Aflame historial romance collection

Review: Hearts Aflame historial romance collection, by Jill Hughey, Anna Markland, Catherine Kean and Nancy Morse


From the 9th to the early 20th century, from Paris under siege by Vikings to colonial Kenya, the stone's legacy is inescapable. Those who inherit will be consumed by fire. 
Dear Reader, You are embarking on an adventure that has been two years in the making. Hearts Aflame was the brainchild of 13 authors known collectively as Love Historicals. Four eventually participated in the final publication. For four busy, bestselling authors to collaborate successfully on creating brand new stories around a central theme is an achievement in itself, and we are proud of the result. We hope you come to love the Rowan family as you follow the history of their heirloom from the 9th to the 20th centuries. 
Genre: historical romance

Publishing date: May 2016

Mature content: yes

Review: I received a free copy of the Hearts Aflame collection from author Anna Markland, in exchange for an honest review.

Hearts Aflame includes four historical romances:

  • ROWAN'S LEGACY, by Jill Hughey - 861AD 
  • PASSIONS FIRE, by Anna Markland - 1175
  • A LEGENDARY LOVE, by Catherine Kean - 1204 England
  • LOVE REMEMBERS, by Nancy Morse - 1920 Africa. 

For me, the best about this series is the fact that the four stories are interconnected through an heirloom brooch with a curious inscription, that is passed down from generation to generation throughout the ages (from the first book in the series to the last) and that supposedly carries a deadly curse. That the four authors have managed to come together and create stories that are totally independent from each other and yet interconnected, is simply amazing. 

The stories, by themselves? They are interesting and well written, but not that amazing. Not really.

The first one (Rowan's Legacy) was the most interesting one for me, but it's long and moved so slowly in places that I thought I wouldn't be able to finish it. 

The second (Passion's Fire) started out wonderfully (with a very original plot idea, in my opinion), but then just moved too fast and I felt I wasn't able to enjoy it fully. 

A Legendary Love felt rushed and the romance was not very credible. 

And the last story, Love Remembers, while probably the most original of the three, both in terms of plot and location, was a bit out of place with the other ones. It probably would have worked better as a stand alone book, but put together with the other three and read last, it lost some of its potential. 

So, while these are all good stories, it is a collection I would recommend you to read only if you really love historical romance and if you have enough time, because the four books together amount to almost 500 pages.

Happy readings,

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