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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Review: About that Fling

As the top PR person for the Belmont Health System, bright, beautiful Jenna McArthur knows how to spin bad news and make it sound good. But when her adorable Aunt Gertie—a secret romance writer—urges Jenna to embrace her wild side, Jenna tumbles into bed with Adam Thomas, a guy she’s just met, for a fun and fantastic one-night stand. Too bad Adam is the one guy who’s totally off-limits. There aren’t enough clever words in the world to spin the story in a way that won’t wreck Jenna’s closest friendship or destroy her job.
With the irresistible Adam always around her at work, wearing an aura of temptation like a fabulous cologne, Jenna has to hold tight to her senses to avoid falling for him. Will he take her to the heights of pleasure again—or will their attraction destroy everything she’s worked for?

Genre: contemporary romance

Publishing date: September 2015

Mature content: yes

Review: I couldn't finish this book, no matter how hard I tried. This is very, very rare for me. Usually I try to finish every single book I read, even if I don't like the way the story goes, but in this case, I felt it would be a total waste of time. 

First, the synopsis is misleading. Aunt Gertie publishes erotic novels, which is not exactly the same thing as being a secret romance writer. Second, she does not just advise Jenna to embrace her wild side - she pushes Jenna to have a one night stand (which Jenna promptly complies with). Now, Jenna seems to be suffering from a broken engagement and I actually felt sorry for her. Until I found out she broke the engagement because she was pregnant with another man's baby. As coincidences go, Jenna manages to have the famous one night stand with Adam, her best friend Mia's ex-husband. Now, Adam and Mia underwent a bitter divorce because Mia cheated on Adam with her current husband. Then, halfway though the the book, Jenna sleeps with her ex, Sean, and gets pretty upset when she realises she doesn't have feelings for him anymore (and flies back to Adam's arms - and bed). And Mark, Mia's new husband, manages to get himself shot by his ex-wife.  

See a pattern here? Told this way it sounds like a really cheap soap opera plot. I do agree that everyone makes mistakes, like Aunt Gertie says at one point. But in this book everyone cheated on everyone and I seriously can't believe that a lasting relationship between Jenna and Adam can really come out of such a mess. I don't know if they lived happily ever after - and I don't care.

This book has some raving reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, so I keep wondering if the other reviewers read the same book I read. But I honestly can't recommend it. If you're looking for a light, summer read, there are lots of better options available.

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