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Monday, April 18, 2016

Review: Out of the Blue

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For Hannah Novak, running a bed-and-breakfast with her two best friends was adventure enough. But they didn't feel that way. They wanted to devote the summer to serious man hunting—loser cleans toilets! Fine for them, but Hannah was, uh, inexperienced. How could she seduce anyone?
Then out of the blue came Zach Thomas, looking for a bed…and breakfast. Hannah had always thought the rugged cop was the sexiest man alive, and, bet or no bet, she wanted him. So she checked him in—to her own room—with every intention of checking him out!
Genre: contemporary romance

Publishing date: March 2016

Mature content: yes

Review: Out of the Blue is a waste of time. I hate to say this about any book, and even more about a book by Jill Shalvis, which is one of my favorite authors, but it's the truth. 

Out of the Blue was published last month, a couple of weeks before Nobody but You, but I hadn't been able to pick it up before. I took it with me to read during the weekend and I was sorely disappointed. It certainly was not what I've come to expect from Jill Shalvis. Then I hopped on Amazon and found these words below the synopsis (which I had failed to see before, in the excitement of downloading a new book by Jill Shalvis): "previously published.". So...I Googled and discovered that Out of the Blue is really a reprint of an old Harlquin novel from the year 2000. Which explains it all, as most of Jill Shalvis' earlier works turned out to be really silly books, in my opinion. I wish Amazon had warned my, in big, bold letters, that this was a reprint from 2000. As is it, I feel that I've wasted time and money reading something I would not have picked otherwise. 

There's very little plot in Out of the Blue, and what little there is, is so predictable you'll cringe: woman is 24, single and a virgin; thinks she's doomed to be alone and is desperate to loose her virginity; makes a bet with friends about who will not be single by the end of the summer; older brother of one of the friends (on who the woman had mad crush while in high school) comes home unexpectedly; woman puts herself in his bed (or, rather, puts him in her bed) and expects him to do the rest; he resists because she's his little sister's best friend but ends up caving in; fast forward a few days; they are in love and making plans for the future. There: it took me less than six lines to give you as much as Out of the Blue's 224 pages will ever give you. Enough said.  

On top of this silly plot (or lack of it), I'm a firm believer that all books serve a purpose, and even romance novels can be educational. And this one passes all the wrong messages: a woman should not feel inferior (and her friends should not make her feel so) because she isn't dating or because she's still a virgin. And she should not become involved with the first man she sees because of a bet or her own sense of inferiority. Honestly, I just wish both Jill Shalvis and Harlequin hadn't bothered to reprint this book. 

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