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Monday, February 1, 2016

Review: While Snowbound

while snowbounds, book review


Snowbound with the famous rocker might be her best friend’s fantasy, but it isn’t Ella’s. Nor is she impressed with the fact Brady Gates was voted sexiest man of the year – twice. Ella was looking forward to the isolation of her mountain cabin and the peace and quiet she needs to finish writing her book. Rescuing the careless celebrity in the midst of a blizzard and taking him to the safety of her remote cabin was not how she intended to spend her time on the mountain.

Weary of lovestruck fans climbing into his bed uninvited and the ever present paparazzi, Brady Gates had planned to take an incognito break from his hectic life and spend several weeks alone at a remote mountain cabin.

Finding himself stranded in a blizzard doesn’t bother him half as much as the fact the one woman he wants is the one woman who is the least interested in him.

Genre: contemporary romance

Publishing date: January 2014
Offensive content: a couple of sex scenes, pretty much subdued.


While Snowbound was one of the books in my Winter Reading List and I had high hopes for it. Sadly, I don't have a lot of good comments about it. Actually, the only really positive point that I can think of is that it wasn't very long, so it didn't waste a lot of my time...If not for the sexual references, this would probably by a perfect romance for teens, because the characters don't seem to have grown out of that age.  

What I liked:
- again, not much. The plot idea was interesting, though, and I feel the author could have done much better with it.

What I didn't like: 
- the spelling mistakes. English is not my native language, but I still cringe when I read things like "the unexpected missal coming toward him" instead of "the unexpected missile coming toward him"
- the characters. Both Ella and Brady are pretty bad, but Brady holds the record for one of the worst heroes I've ever encountered in a romance novel. Ella rescues him from a blizzard and the first thing he says is that he accepts to go to her cabin but there will be no sex involved. Excuse me? The woman just rescued you out of a life threatening situation and that's how you thank her? And then, half an hour later when he's in the shower, he's asking her to join him? And it goes on and on. Eventually, I gave up on trying to make sense of them and their interaction. 
- the dialogs are just as absurd as the characters, and there are too many repeated words and expressions. When Ella and Brady have sex for the first time, for example, the words "nude body" are repeated over and over. Actually, in some cases, word choices are actually weird

So, all in all, this is a no-no in my opinion. It only gets two stars because of the interesting plot idea. Too bad that the author could not find the right words to convey it properly. There are lots of raving reviews over at Amazon though, so some people still have enjoyed it. I didn't, and I don't recommend it. 

Oh, well, better luck next time!

Have a wonderful week, 

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