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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review: Viking

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The first time he sees her, the witch is clad in nothing but moonlight and mist. From that moment on, Thorne the Relentless knows that he's been bewitched by the maiden in the bathing pool.
How else to explain the torrid dreams that haunted his nights, the fierce longing?Thorne knew of only one way to combat the witch’s powerful spell – to capture her in a Viking raid and make her his own. But once the deed was done, he found himself still more enchanted by his lovely thrall. Could Fiona be speaking the truth when she claimed it was not sorcery that bound him to her, but the powerful yearning of his … Viking Heart.

Genre: historical fiction

Publishing date: May 2012 (for the Kindle edition)

Offensive content: mature content in the form of a few sex scenes; other than that, just the violence inherent to the historical period.

I was a bit hesitant when I picked up this book, it had so many mixed reviews at Amazon. While there were some raving reviews, lots of people were complaining that there was too much sex and too little plot. There are sex scenes, yes, but I actually did like the story. It's not an out-of-this-world-amazing book and there are not many historical details, but what there is seems to be accurate enough. Or at least, realistic enough to convince me. 

What I liked:
- the cast of characters. Some were good, some were bad, some were gullible, but they all fit the story
- how Fiona stood tall and placed her religious beliefs before her desires. She was no pushover and I admired her for it
- the way that Fiona's healing knowledge was initially treated as witchcraft - totally believable in historical terms and adds credibility to the story
- the plot: this book is so much more than just the romance between Fiona and Thorne

What I didn't like: 
- the instant lust between Thorne and Fiona. Though the story starts with Thorne believing she has cast a spell over him and everything unfolds from there, the detailed description of the lust part could have been a bit toned down
- the cover (OK, so this is just my personal opinion, but that man does not correspond to the image I have of a viking...)
- there are too many twists and turns in the story. By the last third of the book I was already a bit tired of the machinations and ready for the happy ever after to come. 

My favorite quote: 
"He feared no woman. Not even Fiona. What he feared was that which he could not understand."

Romance notwithstanding, I think this pretty much sums up that place in time.

Still, it is an interesting book and perfect to curl up with on these long winter evenings. 

Happy readings,

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