The Book Worm: Goals for 2016

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Goals for 2016

I started this blog roughly six months ago, with the purpose of sharing my views and opinions about the books I read. 

I recognize that The Bookworm has the potential to be much more than a collection of various reviews, but I consistently fail to find enough time to dedicate to expanding this blog. This is certainly something I want to change in 2016!

I publish the good and the bad reviews, but I find so much harder to share on social media and link parties the bad ones. It's not like I can recommend the books that failed to pass my critical eye, but still, those are the reviews that I find most informative. How many times have you purchased a book based on just the author's name and a few raving reviews on Amazon only to be severely disappointed. By providing 100% independent reviews of books, I want to avoid you the same mistakes that I made in spending money with those books. 

I'm still debating on the best way to bring all those reviews to the public eye and increase the pages views of the blog, so may main goals for this year are: 

- get The Bookworm to be more active in social media
- connect with other book bloggers, reviewers and authors
- share more reviews on Goodreads and Amazon
- introduce a new series, called Favorite Author Friday. Each Friday I will pick one of my favorite authors and discuss a bit about his or her books, why I enjoy and recommend them. I still have the list on my drawing board, but I hope to share it here soon

And, the most important goal of all: READ MORE!

May 2016 bring us all lots of interesting books to read. Happy New Year!

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