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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Review: Defender

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When a USO boat goes down in flames, pilot Jimmy Gage pulls a scantily clad Chloe Nelson out of shark filled waters. Chloe isn’t looking for a jet-jock to be her bodyguard—until she finds herself side by side with Gage on a dangerous mission.
Genre: military romance, romantic suspense

Publishing date: March 2009

Offensive content: war traumas, conspiracy, international crime, terrorism and a few sex scenes (not too graphic).

Defender is another winner by Catherine Mann. After reading Cover Me and Hot Zone, I decided to take a break from the Elite Force series and venture into the Dark Ops series, of which Defender is book one. 

It reads pretty much as an action movie rather than a traditional romance novel, and though you have two leading characters (Chloe and Jimmy), there are lots of side stories (Jimmy's team, Chloe's USO fellow performers, James-Bond-style secret agent Nunez and is sweet attraction to Anya...), that all masterly converge in the end.

While there is a happy ending for the main romantic pair, this is a book mostly focused on the good guys taking down the bad guys and on the role of the US armed forces in that victory. It pays a compliment to the men and women risking their lives often anonymously to make the world a safer place. It's a thrilling, action packed read but not exactly a sweet, tender romance. 

I did love it, so I recommend it, but please take into account the disclaimers above. I'm on a roll on these Catherine Mann books, though, and loving every one of them so far, so don't be surprised if more reviews of her books come your way!

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