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Friday, November 13, 2015

Review: Keeper of the Bride

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If Nina Cormier's wedding had taken place, she would be dead. But after the bride was left at the altar, the church stood empty when the bomb exploded. It wasn't until a stranger tried to run her off the road that Nina realized someone actually wanted to kill her.

But who?

That's what Detective Sam Navarro has to find out…fast. With a nightmare unfolding all around them, Sam and Nina must try to decipher the terrifying truth: they are at the mercy of a brilliant madman, one who is playing for keeps.…
Genre: romantic suspense

Publishing date: I own the paperback edition from November 2012, but it's a reprint from an older book. The original story was first published back in 1996.

Offensive content: One sex scene, pretty subdued.

Is there anything worse than getting a note from your fiancĂ©e saying that he's leaving town right right about the time when you should be getting married? Well, there is. The church could blow up on you. For Nina Cornier, that was a near miss. Not only was she jilted at the altar but someone placed a bomb on the church and suddenly the police start suggesting that she may have been the target. Which of course she doesn't believe, until, shortly after, an unknown car tries to run her off the road. From then on starts a game of cat and mouse until, with the help of detective Sam Navarro, Nina's nemesis is finally revealed. 

This is a great romantic suspense. Of the two main characters, Sam was clearly my favorite. With all his doubts and insecurities, he still managed to go above and beyond duty to do his job and keep Nina safe. I was more on the fence about Nina, since it's a bit harder to grasp that she can actually even think about starting a relationship with Sam mere days after her wedding fiasco. 

There isn't anything really awesome in the plot, it's fairly predictable right until the happily eve after (though both Sam and Nina had to sweat a bit for it). It's written in the same straight-to-the-point-semi-sarcastic-tone of other Gerritsen's books but much less gruesome than, for example, Gravity (read my review of Gravity here), and I think it presents the perfect balance between the romantic and the suspense sides of the story.

So, even if not all time amazing, it's still an entertaining ready and will provide you with some well spent evenings.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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  1. I enjoyed this review a lot! Thanks so much for linking this up at Booknificent Thursday this week!


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